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Quality Control

Kary Gifts | Coocheer always puts the Quality and user experience at the first and sets up QC, QA, QE and After-sales service depts. working together to ensure and improve the quality for whole products.


QC team has a strict series of quality control plans, including Incoming Quality Control, Input Process Quality Control, Final Quality Control, Outgoing Quality Control. Before mass production, all incoming raw material and parts must take 100% checking and spot-checking, to make sure its size, color, voltage, lumens, specification, etc exactly as the order.


During mass production, at least 1 QC and 1 QE for each production line follow closely with the making and assembling details. In case of any inappropriate action, it will be solved and improved at once.


Although the raw material and production process are under strict inspection and full monitor, a final quality control on the finished products before packing and spot-checking before delivery are a must in all led furniture, led electronics and plastic parts shipment.


QA double checks the finished products, and analyze the problems for the default pieces and work together with related dept to improve the quality in the future. Any default pieces picked up by QA, cannot arrange delivery until the problems are solved.


Our After-sales service speaks good English and read Spanish and Russian. They works more like a bridge between clients and QA, R&D, and feedback the suggestions, problems from client for clients existing problem and future improvements. Once there is any quality problem, our after-sales service will handle it with a positive reply in 12 hours and provide replacement pieces with courier on our account within 3 days.


From QC to after-sales service 4 depts. form a full cycle to ensure our product quality and also update our product quality and clients using experience. Kary Gifts | Coocheer aims to be the quality standard in the field of led furniture and remote led electronics.

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